What Are The Most Common Types of Roofing Materials?

Types of Roofing Materials wood shingles concrete durable

You may not have thought much about roofing materials in the past, but when it is time to have your roof repaired, or a new one installed it pays to understand the different types of roofing materials available.  There are several types of roofing materials, and each has its benefits. Knowing the differences between each […]

What Are The Best Asphalt Shingles

Best Asphalt Shingles impact warranty contractors good shingles

Your roof is one of the most crucial parts of your home’s structure. Every day, your roof is exposed to the elements and faces harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Exposure to the weather puts your roof’s strength and durability to the test. So, when the time comes to invest in a new roof, it […]

Extend The Life of Your Roof With These Great Tips

extend the life of your roof prevent damage gutters

Improving your roof lifespan is an essential aspect of home maintenance. When your roof starts to get older, it can lead to many different issues throughout your home. Leaks can form in the attic, heat can escape during the winter, and you may have safety hazards with tiles falling to the floor.  Keeping that in […]

Roofing- The Top 7 Most Common Roof Problems and Their Solutions

common roof problems roof repair

For most homeowners, your roof is something you don’t really think about until it develops a problem. It really is something we should pay more attention to, especially as it protects our possessions and family.  Depending on where you live, the climate, and what type of roof you have, there are a number of common […]

How To Know if Your Home Needs Better Roof Ventilation?

Roof ventilation

Roof ventilation is when air flows through the areas closest to the top of the house, preventing hot air from building and releasing moisture. It won’t appear to be one of the scarier features of owning a property on the surface. The roof can take care of itself. Right? Wrong. Once the ventilation to the […]

Winter Roofing Tips For The Pacific Northwest Home

Winter Roofing Tips services

Winter is rapidly approaching once more, and it is time to think about how the Pacific Northwest weather is going to affect our roofs.  Wind, rain, and icy conditions can play havoc with your roof and leave it leaking or worse. Freezing rain and snow may fall on our roofs. This can cause ice rinks […]

What Are Roof Flashings and How are They Used?

Roof Flashings step flashing edge exterior

What Are Roof Flashings? Roof flashings are often unmentioned by homeowners because these are the thin pieces of metal that are installed in leak-prone areas of the roof. They work to collect and guide any water from the sections that they are sitting on. They aren’t obvious and are unobtrusive to the rest of the […]

How To Find a Roof Leak on Your Home

How To Find a Roof Leak repair leaking roof determine locate roof leak

A leak in your home is never a good sign and something you want to put a stop to as quickly as you find it. When it comes to your roof, it’s the part of your home that’s protecting it from the elements, and sometimes damage can occur. That roof damage can allow water to […]

Home – How To Clean Moss Off Your Roof

How To Clean Moss Off Your Roof home windows

Moss growing on your roof might not seem like much of a problem, but as much as it might be an inconvenience to tackle, moss can really damage it. Moss is a natural absorbent, and so any moisture that establishes itself on the roof is only going to hinder your roof’s structural integrity. That being […]

Quick Tips On How To Protect Your Roof Against Fall Storms

Protect Your Roof Against Fall Storms

With Fall rapidly approaching, you need to start thinking about getting your home ready for the colder weather. More than just the interior of your home is essential, though, especially with the promise of Fall storms ahead. You need to protect your roof as best you can, or you will be dealing with an expensive […]