What Are the Advantages of Spring Roof Replacement

advantages of home roof replacement

Looking after the roof of your home is always something that will prove very important. It is likely that you are going to need to bear that in mind if you want to make sure that you are taking care of your home in general. Part of this involves being aware of the different needs […]

Shingles on Roof Curling Explained

why are my shingles curling

Roof shingles are the flat, overlapping roof tiles that you’ll find on most buildings. They can be made out of everything from wood to slate, flagstone, metal, plastic, and more. While they’re an effective type of roof covering, they’re not indestructible and things can sometimes go wrong. This can cause all kinds of issues below, […]

Replacing a Roof in Beaverton, OR? How to Choose a Great Roof

roof replacement in Beaverton roofing repair install

Whether you’re considering a roof replacement or choosing a new roof for a building project you’re working on, it’s a huge decision. The right roof will be long-lasting, look fantastic, and work well with the rest of the building and its surroundings. So when it comes to how to pick your roof in Beaverton, OR, […]

Know What to Expect During a Roof Inspection

roof inspection what to expect at roof inspection services roof replacement home damage repair gutters

The roof is always going to be one of the most important and central parts of the home. It is a vital element in the safety and security of the home. As well, it’s an important aesthetic function of the property, too. It is vital that you are paying attention to it on a regular […]

How to Protect Against Animal Roof Damage

How do I keep wildlife from damaging my home roof and protecting animal damage on roofing pet avoid

One of the most common kinds of damage that your roof can have is that caused by animals. There are many kinds of animals that you might find coming onto your roof at different times. Whether it’s rodents, birds, or squirrels. But the good news is that there are plenty of steps you can take […]

Is Metal Roofing Energy Efficient?

metal roofing energy efficient metal roofs at home information panels

The way a house looks is often more important to homeowners than the functionality and efficiency of the home. You may think that if your roof is covered in moss, it doesn’t really matter if your heating bill is high or not. But if you are about to make a large investment in property, you […]

How Ventilation Works to Improve Your Roof Lifespan at Home

home attic problem airflow

Roof ventilation is critical for homes. As the sun heats your roof, warm air rises and meets cold air at the top of your roof. The cool, dry air absorbs heat from the warm, moist air below and improves your insulation. This process helps to maintain a more even temperature in your home year-round. It’s […]

What is the Best Roof For Pacific Northwest Weather?

roofs maintenance materials options sbest roof pacific northwest weather

The Pacific Northwest weather is not easy. We have cold, wet winters and mild, dry summers. We’ve had a few years of drought in the past, too. So it’s no wonder that so many homeowners are asking themselves what the best roof for PNW weather is. That’s why we put together this helpful guide on […]

Review the 5 Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

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Your home’s roof is crucial to your family’s safety and comfort. It provides protection from the elements and when it starts to leak, or if a storm damages it, you need to replace it as soon as possible. Replacing a roof isn’t like purchasing a shirt or a pair of shoes. It’s an expensive commitment […]

How to Choose a Commercial Roofing Contractor in the Salem, OR Area

best roofing service contractor

Hiring a contractor to work on your roof can seem like an overwhelming process, but thankfully, it doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right tools and information, you’ll be on your way to a new roof in no time! From finding the right company to establishing your project budget, this post will teach you […]