The Worst Roof Debris that Can Damage Your Roof

Worst Roof Debris types cause and impact

A building’s roof protects its contents as well. Few people actually maintain their roofs, despite the fact that it’s a wise investment of time and resources.  A roof’s performance can be adversely affected by flying debris and seasonal debris buildup. Wind-borne debris includes leaves, twigs, and trash. A badly maintained roof can lead to serious […]

Selling Your Home? Consider Getting a Roof Inspection

home roof inspection

It’s understandable if you are considering selling your home if you have grown dissatisfied with it over time. You might want to move somewhere else for work, or maybe you need to be closer to your family – but, if the problem is the house, what’s wrong with it? Keep in mind, if the roof […]

Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Local Roofer

hiring roofer services local contractor reasons why

Hiring a local roofer over a corporation provides many benefits. Not only will a local roofing contractor offer friendly service, but they also have intimate knowledge of an area that benefits them greatly when performing a job. These include: Quick Service Knowledge of the Area Part of a Wider Community Establish a Relationship Licensing and […]

3 Signs You Need Storm Damage Roof Repair at Home

storm damage repair

Storm damage repair might be necessary if there is any noticeable damage to the roofing of your home. Wind, hail, rain, and snow can cause many issues, and some are extremely dangerous if left untreated. Damage roof repair by a roofing contractor is necessary for the following circumstances: Visible Damage to Tiles or Shingles Water […]

Common Commercial Roofing Installation Services Mistakes to Avoid

Common Roofing Installation Mistakes roofing contractors

3 Common Commercial Roofing Mistakes If you have finally taken the big step to becoming a business owner, you have probably taken on a property too. This is great, and we would like to congratulate you on your new adventure. Part of being a business owner is making sure that your property is safe and […]

7 Free Tips to Prepare for a Home Roof Replacement

Prepare for a Home Roof Replacement

From time to time, it is necessary to complete some work on your home that is extensive and time-consuming. Tackling the roof is one of the biggest jobs there is, especially completing a full roof replacement. If you are planning on having this essential piece of work completed, here are some steps you can take […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement Cost?

will homeowners insurance pay for a new roof

If you’re wondering, will homeowners insurance pay for a new roof? The answer depends on the circumstances. Homeowners insurance only covers a roof replacement in certain situations. Investopedia explains that you’re covered if, ‘the damage or destruction results from a sudden accident or act of nature.’ However, if the roof problems are caused by ‘general […]

5 Factors That Affect The Cost of a New Roof

cost to install new roof

Going for a new roof will cost more than a replacement, but it is worth the added expense when done right. If you are contemplating whether you should replace or repair the current roof, here are reasons that would make a roofing company suggest a replacement. The cost of repair is more than the cost […]

How Can I Find Out How Old My Roof Is?

old roof

The roof of your home is one of its most essential components. It is your roof that provides shelter and guards you against the elements. As your roof is so vital, it pays to ensure it is in the best possible condition to resolve any problems before they become more severe issues. Unfortunately, roofs do […]

What is Considered a New Roof?

What is Considered a New Roof roof replacement

Your roof is quite possibly one of the biggest investments that you could ever make. When it’s done right, you’ll also find that it gives you the biggest return too. Studies have shown that new roofs yield around 80% of their original cost when resold, so if you believe that your roof is in need […]